Peterson M203A LED front turn signals - mounting problems

Has anyone been able to get these mounted?

Here I was, expecting that the exact same size LED bulb/lens as our incandescent bulb/lens would be a drop in replacement in the mount hardware but NNnnnnoooooooo. The incandescent has a center ground bolt with an offset positive plugin terminal. But the M203A has 2 plugin terminals which are just slightly offset from center.

I have been unsuccessful in finding a mount for the M203A.

Here’s another pic with a drawing of the connection points.

Ok, I took a fresh look and I believe that lens will fit in a 150 type mount( peterson 150-13 black ) and also needs a 150 type wire connection( peterson B142-50 ).

We shall see in a week or so. I ordered those parts from for $21.50 delivered for 2 each.

People were having a hard time seeing my turn signals from the front so I’m hoping this helps.

So what’s the problem?
You have to drill a extra hole in the plastic?

The new bulb/lens does fit in the stock mount except for the fact that stock system is held in by one bolt in the center, which is electrical GND and an offset positive pole. New lens has 2 contacts just off center. Then I could not find the mount for that LED bulb/lens. This was the third time I look at sites trying to find the mount for it and figure out what wiring system was needed.

If the mount and wiring I found is correct, I have to drill a hole about 1" in diameter just off center and then drill two small holes for screws on either side. It’s plastic so not a big deal. I just hope the mount fits the lens and the rubber plug/wiring fits the bulb connections.

Come to think of it, I could probably drill a big hole in the body and mount for the new lens and drill and countersink some screw holes so all I’d really need is the new electric wire cabling. Oh well, it was $5 or so for 2 new mounts.

Exactly what I had to do. Just drill new mounting holes and re-route wiring. Done!

If anyone has a link to the new LED style replacement Amber Turn signals and any tips or tricks that could help us install them would be great

@Naetdogg what did you do about the wiring since the M203A LED has two of the push-fit wire connections and the previous only had one and the bolt was the 2nd electrical connection?

Did your new lens come with wiring too?

It’s been over a year since I ran into this issue but the bolt was used as the ground wire. It did not come with new wiring.

As well I believe I used the female end of a bullet connector that was close to size and used pliers to make it a snug fit.

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