2002 Headlight Option Found

Maybe i am late to the game but i have read many posts about how inferior the headlights (actually fog lights) are on these older models. I dont drive a bunch at night but finding that with the warmer summer evenings here in Cali some evening cruises have been fun. So in looking at options i decided to go with not totatally rebuilding or replacing the light fixtures, as of yet, and go with checking out bulbs. I did some research as i really wanted to go LED. I found a few models to try on Amazon and tested them out. It appears the trick is to find a LED bulb where the LED board is about the same distance from the back of the light case as the original hallogen. Well after a few tries, and cool to have easy returns with Amazon i found one that so far is working great. I will try to take a picture or two one of these nights, but here is the bulb i used. The are a little tight when you put the lens back on as the wire hits the back of the housing but they will fit. Just squeeze tight when you screw the lens back onto the housing.


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Now you are beginning to see!! (appropriate comment for a headlight topic)

You can’t just cram any module into a reflector without figuring how it reacts with the reflector.

What is the light pattern look like when you point the light at a wall?

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Well at the very least it seems like a much broader view and its a true whiter white than the yellowish halogens. I will try to take some pictures this week and will post here. But i will say, it is a much better easy quick cheap upgrade no matter what.

Of course if someone found some other options i would be interested in seeing those. Again, from why i read you would have to install a LED box, etc that does not fit the oval hole.

That is actually fairly decent light control. It is more of a hot spot in the center and not too much uncontrolled up into oncoming traffic.
It seems really dark off the left side if the road happens to curve, but why is that all lit up off to the right?

This is a narrow driveway on the side of a steep hill. There is nothing to light up on the left so the hillside on the right gets light.

Good intel, I’m going to order these now!