Headlights Newer Style

Hey I wanted to upgrade the headlights in my 2013 I thought I would Check to see if anyone has changed out the headlights. Here are the dimensions
3-1/4 tall and 5 wide

What is the number on the bulb? You my only need to change that to a LED type bulb…


This is the Bulb the stock Headlights use

I didn’t see a LED replacement bulb for it??

Might have to call you auto parts store and check what they have in their catalogue. It would be worth it to convert to lower draw LED bulbs. They may not be common enough to get advertising.


I can’t believe how inexpensive , LED lights have become. I ordered 2 LED headlights from Amazon that are 18watts with a very low draw. They were like $20. I’m pretty sure I payed more for the bulbs that I posted a picture of. And you can bet these LEDs are gonna last way longer then a traditional Bulb.

Are they just daylight driving running lights or are they capable of high/low beams?


The install went smooth and for $20 OMG huge diff.

I used the stock Headlight braquets so adjusting them up and down as well as no need to drill any new holes just had to make a Aluminum braquet that allows you to adapt the new Headlight to the original GEM Headlight bucket. Here is what the STOCK gem bucket looks like with a STOCK Headlight

This is what the Aftermarket LED Headlight and the. New Aluminum adaptor looks like


These lights worked out so good I decide I would get a 32inch curved light bar from the same company $99 on Amazon!

After some trial and error… I did just about the same thing but with smaller 4 bulb LED upper head lights and a smaller 12" light bar with flood led’s the sides and center led spots mounted below my Chrome front bumper five inches off the road pointed 15 degrees down. I did these light modifications about two years ago. Like you, I found the screwing with led bulb changes did not work out. I spent mucho $$ on led bulbs.

I found the larger than 12" light bar and the six light upper lights to be much too bright. I also found the “spot” configuration of the upper lights to be less aggravating to oncoming vehicles than “flood” led bulbs. I adjust the upper spot beams with adjustment screws similar to yours as I had similar original equipment square sealed (but not) looking head light as yours. I still might hollow out the original light casing and install the led assembly’s inside of them… I’m not sure what the old light inside mirror reflector’s might do to the refraction of the led beams? … Always puttzing.

I have a stock GEM light switch that has high and low beam settings If they don’t light my little “low” beam 12" light bar. I let them sample my “high” beams… They invariably opt for the low beams.

If I was smart enough to know how to post pictures… I would do so…

Well my 32inch curved light bar showed up last night. It looks as if it’s used or it’s been out of that factory box, and I’m not the first person to open it up. Don’t know weather I should send it back and start with a brand new one or just continue on. The only outward sight it’s used is the wire harness is only 2 feet long. It will work for my application it just took a bit of the initial excitement out for me. Hell its gonna be used the second it’s out of the box anyways.

But back to the Topic. This light bar has a great curve to it. It matches the curve of the factory gem car great. It sits nice and tight to the window and can mount with the included factory headwear. I will get some pictures of it later



WOW… That sucker will light up a foot ball field!!!

These lights have some pretty interesting lenses. That give both short and long rang views

This is the Light bar VS the Driving lights on my other car. I wonder how the Light bar on this car is gonna stack up?

[quote=Gwest;33799]This is the Light bar VS the Driving lights on my other car. I wonder how the Light bar on this car is gonna stack up?

WAY too bright!! As per the youtube video… That might work out okay on a similar lonely out in the sticks road. But on city/rural roads or in my gated complex ,where I stays at. The oncoming traffic would be pitching a real snitch about that extreme brightness. Now a days, on Detroit highways, the brothers day they be’s shooting at cars with on coming high beam lights. True statement…Trust me.

Maybe in the wooded country when coon (4 legged) hunting you could seen them better to shoot them out of the trees… (from a quarter mile away with those lights!).

As always…IMHO. :cool: