Light or reflector

Hi everyone. I have a 2002 two seater that I just had painted. When I got it back from the body shop the amber lens next to the headlight was missing on both sides. They told me it was just a reflector. I tried looking up the part and the only thing I found was a light for that spot. The turn signals on my car are the oval shaped lens on the lower part of the hood. There does not appear to be any additional wires that aren’t connected. Were some of these vehicle made with just a reflector?
Thank you

Most cars have 2 Oval headlights and 2 Square Amber (Orange) turn signals next to the headlights. I know some East cost cars have 2 Aditional Oval Turn signals in the lower part of the hood (by the hinges) all lights should have Power going to them. The only Reflectors on a gem are stickers that are RED and are in the rear spat

My 2002 e825 (4-seater) is the same way with the reflectors (stickers) next to the headlights and the oval turn signals down below. I’m pretty sure my GEM has been in California it’s whole life so I’m not sure if it would be different by region.

I do like the look of the turn signals by the headlights better but I don’t think I want double turn signals and or ones not connected if I were to wire up the new ones by the headlights.

I was told that East coast Gems needed the larger Turn Signals then what Gem provided stock. Somthing about they needed bigger signals before they could be street legal so that was the retrofit.

That might be the explanation because I think mine came from New York. They may have required the larger turn signals. I will try to find a inexpensive reflector that fits. If that doesn’t work I will purchase the lights. Thanks everyone.

Went to the local auto parts store today and picked up some reflectors for $3.99. Had to file the corners round just a little bit and they fit perfect.

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See what a little merican ingenuity can come up with!
Well done!