Turn signal issues

I am having trouble with right turn signal shutting down head lights, horn and both turn signals. Will reset itself after I cycle on and off and wait a minute or two. Had a bad bulb in rear right (blinker filament out) and replaced it. Everything worked including left blinker until I tried right. Same issue. Except bulb is still good right now. If I don’t touch right turn blinker, seems to be perfect lights in every respect. (Unfortunately right blinker is probably one of the most needed for safety issues!) Because of my disability my ability to do the work really impedes me from doing a lot, and I am on a tight budget. Anyone have a similar issue and is there an easy fix?

I would check your ground connections. Loosen and tighten at minimum- better take apart and make wire connector shiny then re-install.

Thanks. Will do that next couple of days. There was a little evidence of water on the base of the old bulb, possibly condensation or just leak over time. I just got out of hospital and wasn’t thinking. I appreciate the thought and will post results as soon as I get it done.