Parting out GEM - 2002 e825 Longback (longbed truck model)

Might fit. I’ll measure tomorrow (later today )

I’ll send you one if it’s close.

Maybe on their side if the plastic tray is removed But the upper shelf area doesn’t have any supports under it.

I have half a mind to lay up a new tray out of fiberglass (without the centering bumps in the stock abs tray.

How far back can we go in the upper tray before we start crashing into passenger wall or windshield support?

(Not sure how we got this tacked onto your parting out thread).

I’m shocked! Shocked to find that threadjacking is going on here!

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Never got a pm . If you still are looking to sell let me know

Sorry, been very busy at work (the usual) and I was waiting to hear back from the first person who contacted me about the T2. Don’t want to sell it out from under them until they have had at least a chance to crap or get off the pot

I worries I understand I do the same myself.

First post updated. Some items previously marked sold are available for sale again - buyer changed their mind.

Ok I’m back. Give me a price on the tail lights, neva shocks, and I’ll be back have to look again I know there’s something else

And the complete life pro kit

Sure thing. I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

The longbacks had oval trailer tail lights like the picture below. I don’t think they used them on any other model. Take a look and LMK if they will work for your GEM.

The rectangular high brake lights, behind the seat backs are in pretty decent shape, those might very well be the same as the fender mounted tail lights on the e2 & e4 from that era. They look like the 2nd photo below.


Please remind me what model e825 you have. e2 or e4? I thought I saw you post it somewhere but I could be thinking of another person.

I’m wondering if the battery cables I made to tie in the LFP pack might also work with your vehicle if you are interested in them.

Correct I have the surface mounted tail lights. So that won’t work. I have a e2

If I knew how to post a picture I would it’s an 2002 e825 2 seater. Yes I’d be interested in the cables also

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Is the Steering rack still available looking for a new unit on my 2004 E4 E825. thanks.

It is still available.

I have not yet removed it from the vehicle. How far back do you need it? Rack and pinion plus two arms or that and the column too?

Right now, I’ve got about 180 degrees of play in the wheel. I think it’s just going to be the rack and pinion plus two arms I’m needing.

Ok. I’ll pull the parts. Give me a few days. Its a shitshow at work right now, I’m lucky to get out of there after 11 hours any given day