Opinions on Desulfator for Gem Batts

My batteries are not reaching full charge and are discharging quickly. I have done load tests and hydrometer readings and they come out fine some how…

Anyway, i was thinking of trying to desulfate them. I didn’t want to try the epson salt method because it sounds like a pain and I am not so sure about it. I am thinking of buying new batteries anyway so I am not too worried if i screw my current ones up more.

Can i run a desulfator along with a zivan charger on a gem car? if so, any suggestions on which ones and how to hook it up to run tandem? Or can i use one manually, one battery at a time? Should i even try to desulfate or is it a waste of my time?

Anyone? I might just stick some epson salt in lol…cant hurt too bad if im going to trash the batteries anyway

I have tried magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) in the past with no results. I have heard desulfator’s work but have never tried one myself. I would ask your local golf club if they have ever tried one. If anyone is gonna try one a fleet might.