De Sulfating Battereis

I recently purchased a desulfator for my batteries after looking into some of the do it your self projects on the web. I installed it on my Saturn and will keep you all posted on how it works out for me.

new dawn, as in the dawning of a new era

so how did it work out for you

It didn’t work out for me.

Can see where all the charging & discharging would “drain” any battery fairly quick. I can’t imagine how much “drain” there would be on a 85 kwh primary fuel cell. Wow.
I love the whole “new dawn” thing, it works for me. LOL :~) TCHFBS

Hi, I guess I should explain that the desulfator got very hot when in use, about a month after using it the pack basically died (was not practical for me to use anymore). The car still sits here and is waiting for someone to purchase it or be refitted whth new batteries. I am waiting for some lifepo4’s that are reasonable in price and have enough discharge amps to make it work again.

Thanks for the interest,

new dawn, as in the dawning of a new era

Did it appear to be working for the short time you used it? Enquiring minds want to know!

The mfgr suggests that you install this when the batteries are new. I did not see any change in the status of my batteries. The unit got so hot that it melted a loom covering my control wires, that was touching it. upwards of 450F I would guess as I worked in a plastic factory. Good thing it didn’t catch on fire. It did have a heat sink. If you are going to try this I suggest you use a fan on the desulfator.

Some good answers!