Self Charging Battery

Owner has a version of this for automotive batterys as well. If you want to see the video of it check out youtube its listed as thermal electret battery and the user name is mallardradio. I haven’t been on here long enough to post URL’s

Self charging batteries have been rumoured for some time now - when will they finally go mass market?

This one is still in the testing/ experimental phase. The creator says he would like to get a little more power out of it before he does anything with it. He also has a chemical compound that when added to a dead car battery it fully restores it and it has double the power and cold cranking amps and functions and 90% in -80 F.

Uh huh These have been around for years in calculaters and yard lights with little bitty solar panels. Solar panels with battery storage packs is an established tecnology.But a unit that provides useful amounts of power and is portable is still a dream.

Sitting on pins and needles waiting to see it.

Gonna try to get a better video from the creator soon. The current video on youtube shows the battery discharging at over 6000 mah average. Tested with 12 ohm resistor as load. Battery will charge while driving load if over 80 degrees fahrenheit.

good stufff

I’m sorry, but where is the link to what ya’ll are talking about? Sounds interesting.