Ultimate charger all chemistry

MSRP $350

Hope to have 20pcs in July 2017

The Battery Charger has been designed to provide reliable, quality charging for battery systems in
electric drive vehicles. It is a high efficiency wide input voltage charger, the charger can output 1500W at
AC90V~265V in a smaller size. Many creative technology help to realize up to 94% of efficiency, and the
internal temperature is still under 50℃. The following are some new features:
 Intelligent control output voltage and current by microprocessor, 100% calibration before
 ±1% voltage and current accuracy
 Active PFC: smaller AC input current less interference, and Conform to European Commission
Regulation no 278/2009 and Energy Star Version 2.0
 AC 90-265V worldwide operation: need not any alternative switcher, worldwide safe operation.
 Low power consumption (less than 1W) at idle mode and standby mode
 Up to 94% of convert efficiency.
 Programmable output voltage from 10V to 102V
 Programmable output current from 1A to 25A
 TFT color LCD display output Voltage, current, power and internal temperature on time.
 Over current, over voltage, over load, over temperature, and short circuit protection
 Short-circuit protection on output, safer and more reliable.
 2 Intelligent cooling fans turned on and adjust speed upon the temperature automatically
 ZVS/ZCS and Synchronous Rectification
assure the highest efficiency.
 High power density: 652W/Kg
 Start at no load or full load
 Approved by CE
 24 months warranty
 Home application
 Electric drive vehicles

Where is it available at?

New product.
Should be on Chargery.com soon.

I’ll have them in USA in a couple weeks.

10pcs @ $275

Just acquired a Gem with a Zivan Charger (not micro-updated) . This sounds like a way better option than getting it upgraded! Pre-order on e-bay? Thanks

I prefer direct. EBay takes 10% and PP 5%.
Ill,do free usa shipping from here.

Beta charger here Monday.
I’ll report on suitability for continual charging during storage.
I asked for it to restart at a certain voltage.
Also that it retains memory to restart after ac mains failure.
We are open to suggestions for improvements in sw.
Hardeware,is nailed down with addition of no-spark connection and polarity protection.
Did not ask for drive away interlock,

Can be an add-on if important.

My plan is to use it as fast charger. It comes with dc plugs.


This charger is great. Has everything I asked for.
Even without reading instructions, had it charging a 24s volt pack in 5 minutes.

Set chemistry
Cell count
End current
End voltage 4.1 etc.


Single knob setup:
short press to change setup
long press to charge
short press to abort

Select in menu, one time charge or restart with 5% drop ( for storage set up for 3.7v or whatever)
Does Lith or lead etc. all

Power supply mode for 10-102v 1-25a.

Prepaid preorders $300 until they come in.

Yes I was waiting for the beta test! Definitely going to order one now! Will it be able to quick charge gel batteries as well? Thanks

Yes, it should work fine. I’m no expert on lead batteries. Wet batteries need a special timed final stage that this may not have.
I can ask about any special concerns you may have.

No guaranty on time of delivery. I’m guessing a couple weeks.
The designer is waiting on my input to finalize sw.
It is set up now as off board charger.
When connected it needs a single button press to start charging cycle.
It can be set to single cycle or to restart when voltage drops.
I would like to see an auto mode added. Where charger starts after ac power is supplied.

A timeout timer would also be nice. It has a time display now.

Does it save the charge profile after it’s disconnected from ac power? Yes if it could start charging automatically from being plugged in I can see it be installed somewhere accessible like under the seat supported by brackets mounted to frame. Just don’t know how robust it was built and if it can handle unexpected bumps and vibration from driving.

Yes, it remembers settings.
If ac is disconnected it may not restart. I’ll test tomorrow by setting it to auto restart. It may already do what I’m asking.
Only had my hands on it a few hours.
Time will tell if it can survive onboard use.
I’ve been assured it’s a well tested design. Based,on a similar power supply with 5000 sold in usa.
It comes with quick connect dc plug. On my cars, I’ll use the standard dq charger, and use this for fast charge and testing.
This one charger will replace a garage full of chargers and my bench power supply.

Did I Mention? It can be connected up to 4 in parallel for fast charging.

Also it can help track battery health, at least lithium, by measuring ah battery accepts.

Auto mode added.
Charger can be dumbed down to remember settings and start cycle whenever it is plugged in.

David I’m very interested.

Tell me how fast could it charge a 24 cell Lithium 126ah battery from 3.5 volts to 4.1volts in the fast charge mode?

Good question.
I set it for 24s and 25a. It accepted it. It obviously can’t charge that fast as it’s a 1500w charger. 15a should be maximum.
I’ll have to test or ask.
DQ are 1200w I believe. Not that much difference unless it can do 25a at 100 volts.
5hrs @ 25a, but not at 1500 watts. That is over 20amp ac on 120v.
This will take some research.

Got your bms here. Seems to work fine. I have so many of the original models trading, I will have to limit them. Your good on this one if you want a new one for $100.

As both DQ and Chargery ok parallel charging, use Chargery as off board fast charge in a separate circuit. It comes with quick connect socket.
Keep the DQ on board and take the Chargery with you for fast charge. Need only one. It also works for auto battery and toys. Only charger you need. Even testing on bench. Possible even audio equipment and such in ps mode.

Yes, let me know how much I owe you for the new BMS. I have a feeling I’m going to be replacing the one in the blue car as well

It’s on the way.
How’s the project coming?
I would like to send you a charger to test for me.
I can’t find the time to give it a full review.

A few last minute sw changes. Shipping Thursday.
Should have them next week.