Battery Desulfators

Has anyone used battery desulfators on his or her batteries?

Would they keep EV batteries running better for longer (as I’ve seen they get about 50-100% longer life) or would this hinder the charge/discharge rates?

Also, is there one that does a larger quantity of batteries (ie 10-12), and are multiple ones rather than one large one be beneficial?

Any and all information about desulfators would be great, thanks!


Desulfator Survery
Building a desulfator
Kits and stuff for desulfators

Ive heard of people using Aspirin!

@ddoyel: Well, I don’t see how that was very useful.

Anyway, according to some of the sites I listed it seems to be a very good choice to buy/build a few and use them.

According to David Butcher they helped keep his battery pack high in voltage and get and maintain their charge faster and better.

Anyone with experience?


I wasnt trying to be a jerk!

Sorry if it sounded like I didn’t appreciate it, but it was not what I was looking for. Some people say it works and others don’t. I would think alka-seltzer, or even ibuprofen, would be more effective than aspirin.

From that forum’s thread:

I guess that it is like the snake oil cures they sell…it is not helping or hurting the battery, I am testing them in.

– Coley

The electric resonant battery desulfators or pulsating chargers seem to work more effectively and work on more types of batteries (ie Sealed), but I am asking for more personal experience with them before I ruin my batteries.


Battery desulfators will desulfate batteries. Weather you have a sulfation problem or not is another question. Sulfation occurs when lead acid battery voltage is below fully charged basically.

Do Gel Cell batterys get sulfation on their plates,like wet cells do?