Adding battery to Gem

This came up in another thread.
We (kinghappy) have been discussing the option of perking up performance with addition of 3-6 volts to battery pack.

Plan on doing some testing as time permits.

Received a quote for 10 amp single cell 3.65 lithium chargers. $35 delivered. With sample order of 10 pcs.

They also make a 20 amp version for + $10.

I’m going to wait a few days to see if anyone wants in.

Most of these are over $100 retail.
There is a cheap plastic one on Ebay for $28 + $17.

I seriously caution you using cheap Lithium chargers, especially LiOn I am sure you have seen the exploding batteries in E-Cigs and hoverboards? There is a lot of thought going into those cases that the chargers are actually to blame vs. the battery itself. Just saying be cautious…

Thanks, this is only cheap in price.
It is made by a large lithium battery manufacturer.



good price but you could easily get away with a smaller amp charger . a 60ah lithium battery is about equivalent to a 100ah la battery . so even a 5ah lipo charger would recharge a single cell fast enough . I assume you are going to connect it so it independently charges while you plug in the main charger .

this could be like adding a turbo to a standard battery pack.

That’s what I’m thinking.

They have a 20A for a couple bucks more.

Holding off for a while. Can’t catch up on my other projects.

Looking at “hybrid auto” for leaf packs. Hard to justify lead.

My one Gem only gets 9 miles before limping. :frowning:

My 48v tomberlin has good 48v flooded but is a dog. Don’t know what to do first.

Do you think a kit would sell? Or just the chargers, if it worked out?

Do you thing I should go with a single leaf cell?
The LiFePo4 might be safer.

the leaf’s don’t come as a single cell , there are 2 in a module , in series .

lifepo4 would be fine . remember leaf/ chevy volt are all limn cells . higher voltage ( 4.2v max)then the traditional lifepo4 cells (3.65v max) . make sure you get the right compatible charger .

Would have to add minimum 2 cells then. 8.4 volt max.

Better price than lifepo4 I think. Watt for watt.

8.4v 10a charger is a little more money. $50

leaf cells are great bang for the buck