10a lith-ion chargers

Anyone playing with Leaf or Volt batteries might find these useful.
Bring up a lazy cell?
Top balance one at a time?

4.2v 10a automatic smart charger.


You love a LOT of wires, don’t you.:slight_smile:

Might not believe me. I hate wires. Haven’t even wired my power meter yet, as don’t want to tap into my 12v.:eek:

480lb ligthter! better than a big dump. AHHHHH…

And wait til I put lithium in grandsons dragster!!!

Heard from manufacturer today. Chargers are complete. They will ship next week after testing is complete.

Actual picture:

Chargers are in $40 each.

Have 2 X 5amp 4.2 smart chargers. $30 each
Looks the same. All have fans.