Ok to use non-drive mounting holes for mount?

I am in the middle of my first conversion… 1997 suzuki swift (Geo Metro). I am just getting ready to mount the electric motor, and design/fab the motor mounts and then battery racks. I thought I’d post to see if anyone having done this specific car might have any tips.

Also, I want to know if it is ‘safe’ to use the bolt holes in the non-drive end of the motor to fasten to a motor mount and take up some of the load rather than hang the whole thing off the tranny. A related issue is the center-back motor mount and axle bearing mount. I could just fab a plate to hold them together, or I could get a little more elaborate and use that connection plate to mount some other equipment like the vacuum system or something else that would be ok with a little vibration from the motor. comments?

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