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Have had our GEM 2002 for about 9 months. Looking to improve the performance and came across your Forum. Live in San Diego and have some hills to deal with. Want to go up al little faster than 15 mph. Great info from Marion. Will have to check out his programing. Have a few questions about putting in a 7.5 HP motor. Watts is watts and more HP will probably reduce distance traveled.
Looking forward to talking with those who have traveled this path before.
Have A Hot Day
Chili Willy

Hi Chili Willy

First of all, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There are a lot of GEM fans on the forum and you will find some useful information here:-

Global Electric Motor Cars NEVs forum - Electric Car Forum and Electric Vehicle Community

You will also get some speedy answers to any questions you posts as well.

I would be interested to hear your experience of driving the GEM 2002 and what kind of performance you get from it.



Hi Mark
Riding around in the Gem Car is a kick. Had some problems with the performance because the person who sold it said it had GEL batteries. Went fine for about three months but began to not get the distance it was. The charger has a blue dot on it and a dot where the “type of charge” was on gel cells. I finally checked the batteries and found that the electrolyte was below the plates. filled h2o ut just past plates and charged them. they came up and i added more water to just under the fill point. Doing fine now and the meter works more like it did in the beginning. Live in Pt. Loma so considering more HP for the motor and reprogramming. Like the idea of reprogramming both the turf position and the road position to maximise distance and “power” when you need it. Like to cruiz 17-22mph