2002, 2 door eL GEM

I Love my GEM, which is why it’s probably taken me so long to put it up for sale! Please contact me with any questions and feel free to forward this to other like-minded people! Thanks!

This is a 2002, 2 door eL (long bed utility) GEM.
7 HP motor which was thoroughly cleaned & serviced in 2011.
12 batteries (most GEMs have just 6) for better performance, longer range, higher speed.

12 Trojan batteries replaced in 2010: 30XHS-WNT, deep cycle.

New frame built for back 6 batteries.

Battery watering system installed and very simple to use.

72 Volt.

14" wheels.
2 Brand new front tires and wheel ends (new brakes) installed on June 20, 2013.

New controller is programmed for speed and does not make loud noise when going over 35 mph.

2 Chargers – which makes it really simple & convenient.

Zivan NG3, 230V, 19A, 50-60Hz. This one charges fast as it is 220V.

DeltaQ is other charger, recently installed. Uses regular plug-in.

Serviced by GEM rep in 2011 and Surepower kit installed.

This eL model has a long truck bed with sturdy white frames (that can be removed).

It has a custom built beautiful yellow canopy and an aluminum lock box which holds a lot. This GEM attracts a lot of attention!

The GEM is street legal on streets posting 35 mph or less.

Will include PDFs for GEM Car Repair, GEM Owner’s Manual 2001-2004 and 2005 Manual.

Grey interior and exterior.

Headlights, brand new wiper blade, brake lights, horn & turn signals.
There is a lot of space for signage.

Currently, it is being used as an electric ice cream truck.

Over $5,000 has been invested into this electric vehicle just over the last 3 years and has been lovingly maintained and tended to by an electric vehicle veteran since day one.

I just lowered the price by $1,000 to $6000.
This is a really great electric vehicle.
Thank you for your interest!