New to EVforum. Questions for ABC, TC, etc

Hello everyone,
I am new to EV world. I been thinking about starting a new project on converting a car to electric for 2 years now. And if I am going to do it, I want to pick a car that will last long and provide comfort and safety. (since I expect a EV requires minimum maintaince after completion and refinement which basically last me forever ^.^) I personally drives alot! I love driving, so I want it to last and safe.
I been thinking about a Mini cooper, or smart since they are very rust proof, and as well provides a very decent safety features like multiple airbags, ABS, Traction control, crash zone and so on.

And I been having this questions, I know using a automatic will just give me a nightmare into coverting it to EV due to all the sensors and etc. so I am fine with a manual transmission. but what about ABS? TC? Once I converted the car to electric motor, will they still work? I want to see if any of you have converted a car with those features and I am very interested to know the result. I don’t plan to spend tons of money on it, aiming to spend around $5000 or so (not including the car’s price) (with minimum range of around 30 miles as the starter) So I can save some money from the battery side. Any ideas on the ABS and TC?


I have not done a conversion yet but I can tell you that the ABS and TC are independent systems from the engine. You might have to retain the ECU to have the ABS work. A lot traction controls are independent from the ECU and if they are not then an aftermarket one could likely be added if it was that important to you.

Great. thanks for your input!