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I am new to the Electric Forum to learn more about electric vehicles. The only EV that I currently have is a Catrike Trail recumbent tricycle with BionX motor and battery. I would like to convert my 1951 Chevy pickup to electric, but first need to learn a lot more about the available components. The next car that I buy will be electric but have not decided on which to buy. Chevy Bolt or Nissan Leaf or Tesla model 3 or whatever? I live 30 miles from good shopping etc and so need better range than most EVs currently have. Research forest ecologist from southern Louisiana.

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Welcome to the group. Spend a bit of time reviewing the threads that cover the area of your interests. One of our members has a Ranger Pickup that has been Electrified.


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I wish that someone in the Lafayette Louisiana area was doing a conversion, and would be willing to allow someone to visit to look at it. I do have a friend who is working on an electricity boat.

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Welcome @BobK53 - and thank you for joining.

Have a look around. Use the search option and you’ll pull up several conversion kits that might begin to shed some light on what steps you should take to make it happen.

As you get started and you come across specific questions, post them here and we’ll do what we can to help you along the way.

Again, welcome.