Will you buy an EV in 2017?

We have heard the hopes and aspirations for the future EV market and it all sounds great.

Do you plan to buy an EV in 2017?

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I considered converting my 1951 Chevy pickup to EV, but it is too heavy, not aerodynamic and too expensive to get the large number of batteries to have more than 40 mile range (according to EVWest). Guess I’ll continue to wait in line and hope that I get a Tesla Model 3 sometime next year. I certainly do not trust Chevy or Ford to come out with a good EV.

What about the 2021 year?

I will be buying a New Model S to replace my current one and buy a Tesla Truck in 21’ if it is available.
Roadster in 22’

Personally, I’m waiting for the TeslaBBQ in '22.

LOL - Nice catch, never could spell…

Everyone wants to buy the best electric car. Since 2017 the list has become larger). It’s even harder to make a choice. I’m thinking about buying a mx30. Many in our forum are owners of Tesla, but it is expensive for me. Thanks in advance for any advice.

35K for a Tesla Model 3?
I don’t know what an MX30 is but I can’t imagine it is much less than that?

Chevy Spark or Nissan Leaf? But you will only get about 80 miles of range.

We are getting over 220 miles on a 2019 Chevy Bolt. Next to the Tesla models X & 3 I have driven, this is by far my favorite EV. I have taken it on a 180 mile r/t ride. All by freeway. Battery gauge tracked closely with actual mileage driven until late in return leg when we hit stop/go traffic and due to regen, actually gained mileage back.

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Nice update! We are considering the Chevy Bolt for our entire fleet. Your honest feedback is much appreciated.

My only complaints are the a/c vents are limited in their ability to vary or control the dash airflow and I wish it offered electric seats with a memory feature, my wife and I adjust seat and mirrors wildly different.

Thank you! Your honest feedback is much appreciated!

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