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I can not figure out how to post new topic on this forum, so have piggy backed on this post, sorry. Can any one explain how to post on GEM forum?

I have 2009 exLHD with 7.0 HP motor. It uses 9 x 8 VDC gel batteries. Have not driven in 5 years due to dead batteries. Rather than replace 8 VDC gels would like to go with lithium-ion battery. I found QC Charger GEM KITS in 96 VDC x 3 grades. What are to pros/cons of over amperage on motor and gear box? My GEM gets about 27-28 MPH and 25-30 miles per charge. It would be nice if I could get up to 35 MPH as there are some 35 MPH streets in small town I live in.

Not a fan of 96v, but 96v can mean different things.
96v lipo is 26s.
96v lfp is 30s
Lots of problems.

The most popular has been 22s 80v.
Or pushing limits 24s 88v.

Sdi 22s will give you 30miles plus and a good uptick in performance.

Normal cost from from selling members is $2950 delivered.
Easiest of all installs.

No luck finding qc charger lithium kits. Can’t opine.

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Hold the pickles.

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Thank you, much help!

Hello Inwo

The 96 volt sounded a little risky on voltage increase to motor. I am a mechanical engineer, not electrical engineer. I have however done wire sizing calculations for years for starters and motors. What does lipo, lfp and Sdi 22s mean?

Are there any other additions I will need for wiring, controller or charger for lithium-ion system?
Do I need MM?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Inwo
I suspect that QC Charger is no longer in business as they do not respond to phone inquiries.

LFP is lifepo4 chemistry, often used for low cost batteries. 3.2v per cell
SDI is the newest Samsung Chemistry as used in BMW and other production EVs. 3.65v

Some of us made a bulk purchase of the factory Samsung battery modules in 22s configuration. (22 string) 22 x 3.65 = 80 volts nominal) 91v maximum charge
This seems to be the sweet spot for classic Gems. 100 sold
Over 30 mile range and a nice uptick in performance.
I sell them for $2950 delivered. Complete with active bms and support.
rear sdi shelf
sam 22s on shelf
Easiest of all to install.

Hello Inwo

Sounds great. What does BMS stand for, Bill of Material Specifications? What form of payment is accepted?

Battery management system. Device tracks cell health to interupt charging and discharging if needed to keep safe.
Any cash payment. Venmo or Zelle.
Can you wait two weeks? Else, I can have one drop shipped from Ca.

Hello Inwo

I am not in big push for delivery, have luekimia but sure I will last more than two weeks. :grin:. Will send personal check if you provide me with name, address and etc.

Do I need anything else for conversion?

No, all you need. I’ll pm you.
Up for a drive to KcMo ?

Hello Inwo

About 3 hour away but will not be able to until after July 31st due to memorial service.

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The exLHD has a high ratio gear box. it could have a 12.xx ratio and 35 mph might happen. Or the 14.xx ration and 35 no way.The Ge 7hp is a great motor but wont survive if it is spun too fast. Transmission swap is pretty easy, a 12.xx ot 10.xx trans would be better suited for your goal

Hello LithiumGods

Makes sense has 7.0 HP has allowed me to truck 1,500 lbs of dirt or building blocks. Will consider trade off of speed over power with gear box ratios.

This is where you decide what role your car needs to play and build it to suit your needs.

Figure out exactly what you have to build from and with a little work/searching you might be able to ferret out parts that will make your car work better towards your goals.

For instance, On top of your gearbox there once was a factory barcod/label/barcode that we might be able to track down what gearset your car is running. That label was usually on the driver side on that side of the motor flange.

Using this info, and measuring the height of your tires we can calculate the RPM of the motor given a desired speed you will be operating your car within.

The lithium pack will reduce weight significantly and add power to the motor. You need to check which ratio you have but should be able to move down one with no problem

These guys have a boneyard and have them posted on eBay all the time

Hello AssyRequired

My bar code number below barcode is S/N 1554485 eL HD 2009 any idea which gear box ratio this is? I have tried larger tires however there were limits on fender clearance and rolling radius could only be increased about 1/2 inch best I recall, it has been several years since tried that. Thanks for your help.

Great. You still have the label. The code is the number after the 00613-XXXXX?