New lithium packs coming

Lithium battery packs coming soon. Sneak peak, INWO and I are bringing in some new lithium packs. We will have multiple options available, entry level, to the largest packs ever available in a Gem. They have been hard to come by and prices have shot up significantly. But we have been able to bring these in close to previous prices. Unfortunately some are stuck on containerships and delivery dates are not yet confirmed. Details coming in a few days.


When do you expect to get the new packs. I am in the market and was thinking of making my own. I think you have done all the research and would possibly rather purchase than build. Very interested!
FluffytheClown aka Ken in Sherwood, Arkansas 501-772-5252

Let me know also I’m interested. I have new batteries but would not mind trying something different. I believe your about 45 min south of me. I’m in sanibel

some packs are coming in now, some are still on a ship coming in. I will have details next week on what will be available. On vacation this week.

What will the voltages be and how large of KW are you planning for the packs?