What do INWO , GWEST and KINGHAPPY all have in common?

There are probably a few things but when it comes to their personal Gems . All three run the same battery pack . We all have had different packs and have had a lot of fun experimenting . All said and done all 3 of us landed up with … Bolt battery packs . 180 amp hours of high performance Lithium .

These things rock . More range than I can ever use in a day and super fast .

I have 4 sets available . These are not salvage cells buy brand new cells that have not been used . (Probably don’t want to run the serial numbers thru the FBI data base) .

These are one of the easiest installs , no bus bars and they stay tightly balanced . Usually they are $3,500 for a 20s set wired with a bms .

These sets are available for the DIY guy who will screw in his own bms for the lowest price ever . 2,300

20s packs have lots of power and range , this is a 13.3 kilo watt pack . For those that want to go to the max an additional 4s pack is available to go to 24s ( the most a gem can handle) . I will also include reprogramming your DeltaQ charger for lithium , n/c

One of the easiest ways to install is to cut a piece of plywood and screw it between the frame rails . Then screw the Bolt pack to it . Gwest did his a little different and hopefully will post a picture here .

Good price.
I should have a picture this weekend of the 8s that I beat you out of. :grin:
Bolted two together today. 16s for my Tomberlin 48v e4.
I was going to leave the 14s Volts in it, but my new 400a bms does not use xh connectors.
As long as I have to rewire, why not. Also my dc-dc works up to 70v.
This is the car in another thread that I put a 8kw a.c. motor in.
Runs great on 50v, it should be killer on 60v.

And to think, I was going to say you all had spiffy hair.

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