Lithium battery packs now available

some of have seen my thread on my lithium conversion with Nissan leaf cells . I have had multiple inquires about assembling some packs to sell . I received the parts this week and have assembled a pack .

please look at my thread for the deatails :

the pricing well very slightly depending on price to source parts and some options .
this pack tested out very well and shows very little use . I added a cell monitoring connectors and a 8 cell data display . the first plug shows cell voltage for cells 1- 8 . the second plug shows voltages from 9-16 . the third shows cells 17-20 .

these are not necessary because you can just check them individually . this just makes it a little faster .

lithium packs are now being done by gwest on this forumn . he is great to work with!
I can provide detailed instructions on install into a late model e4 . I have not installed them into other models so I can provide general info but some details well have to be figured out by end user . but hey that’s what this form is all about !

this pack is priced at 1600. plus shipping . it weighs about 85lbs before packaging and I am in zip code 34102. Naples , Fl.

future packs well be built to order and require a deposit to start .

again please look at the install thread for lots of details and fell free to ask me q’s if that info is not there .

Very cool, are the packs you building the higher AH rating? What is the warranty on the cells?

The other question is whether they will fit into an E2

I’ll be very interested in the future, Previous owner put new Napa gel’s in her just under a year ago.

Right now, she’s running to good. If not broke, why fix it? Also, until my money eating boat gets sold… Myfundsarelow… A polish saying…

here are some pictures . I well take more today and get dimensions .