New from San Diego

We are the proud owners of a 2002 e4. I’m big on modifying my other toys and the last few days have pointed me here on a number of topics - ton of good information on the site. On the search for user manuals. I think mine was modified because it seems to hit 35 on gps. the digital gauge shows -04 so I’m buying a new parking brake switch (thanks to this site).

UPDATE: I plugged in my VIN on Polaris’ site and had 2 recalls, 1 of them was a parking brake the other a controller DC board. For $95 they are coming out to my house and performing the whole recall service. That should cure my -04 code. Woohoo!

I’m not sure if it was a recall or just a microcode update, but look at your Zivan charger, see if has the upgrade sticker on the front.

You might have to pull it and ship it to Zivan for the update, but they are only in Sacramento so it shouldn’t take long.