Looking for help on my 2003 e4

My 2003 Gem E4 wont go it says -11 when i turn the ignition on an -4 when ignition is off but on the charger. Please help

-11 is pedal down on Key ON. Check to make sure it is fully up. It may need cleaning out or sometimes an adjustment of the little microswitch inside. Depending on it’s condition, it might be best to replace it.

-4 is Parking Brake applied. Usually this is an error that shows when Key is ON (not OFF). I suspect this code is being oddly triggered when you shut off key, and the Delay Off Timer is active and holding power for a moment.

Does your display ever shut down when charging? If not - then your charger might be wired up in the wrong place.

Do we know if the cart has been upgraded?
There was a parking brake switch recall on the 00-04’s where the switch would break and could stick in the “brake on position”.

Run your VIN number through NTSB.org and see if the recalls have been applied to your GEM. If not, start calling dealers. Some will still honor the recall notices.