2000 GEM E4 shows -04 code and runs with or without key turned on

You all have been very helpful in my quest to fix some issues with my first GEM. I cannot find a solution to this issue on my 2000 Gem E825 E4:

  • -04 code on display stays on all the time, key on or off no difference…
  • charger does charge batteries with master switch on…
  • operates with key on or off… (two wires on back of ignition switch but switch has three studs)
  • I hear the solenoid kick in when I plug in charger…
  • when the charger has finished charging and is off I unplug the charger (-04 dash codes still on) until I turn off master switch…
  • when I turn on the master battery switch, the dash error code is displayed and when I release the parking brake I hear solenoid kick in (with or without the key turned on)…

When I head out on the road the GEM runs great, both in turf and road mode. all 12 v powered items operate (wipers, turn signals, horn, lights,etc…)

It still rides rough but working on replacing shocks, bled the brakes and got a better peddle movement will do it again next week.

I got a new replacement emergency brake switch which did not make a difference in operations or resolve issues when installed.

Any help or suggestions would be helpful, THANKS

The only thing I don’t understand is, running with error code. Should not be possible.

When running no -04 code shown on dash. When running speed and % charge on dash only.

Oh, that’s different. TMI
Not a problem except for no “turn-off”.
Look at the timer wiring. May be miswired or not timing out.
Disc. p1 should turn off 12v.
Disc. p2 = 12v off after delay.

Will not drive when plugged in and contactor clicks off?