New app for JK bms and balancers

app download in this link :
Bluetooth connection password 1234
Parameter setting password 123456

JK BMS manual or protocols download in this link :

I use v3.6.0
I link to v3.6.2 or 3.6.4
This link still works and is 4.2.0 which I have not tested.
I have a report of a problem with app from the qr code.
Please report working versions and bugs.

@Inwo Got my 25S BMS yesterday


I studied the diagram. Looks pretty straightforward.
Don’t know when I’ll get a chance to test it.
Not fond of adding another contactor for lvc. Looking for another way.
Hvc using dq white wire seems easy. Looking for a way to feed the dc converter from the lvc on bms.