New and lost

hello everyone New to the site and looking for information. I work i NY at a College and have the Gems. Our shops don’t have time to work on ours so I have taken on the task,which I might add i have bitten off more then I can chew … I am looking for instructions ( with clear photos) on Installing a Delta-Q charger in a 2002 Gem . I have the service instructions but the pics are in Black and White and cannot be seen to do the work confidently. Does Anyone have a clear copy of the “delta-Q charger retrofit installation” that they are willing to share??

Delta Q has a kit that provides spacers a mounting plate and instructions. It’s pretty straight foreward. You Remove the Zivan install the spacers that move the DQ out from the firewall for clearance, then bolt on the DQ. Make SURE you program the DQ for the type of battries you have installed in the cart.

Is it OK if I ask why you chose to put a Delta Q in your GEM?
Is this your own personal car or the collage’s?