Need some tech advice

2009 E4
House had a massive power surge.

Took all the batteries out, fully charged and tested each one. All Dekka all good

Hook them al back up knowing they are 100%.

Meter on dash shows them dead, then starts flashing all lights on and off.

Pretty sure controller and or charger (possibly the motor as it will now barely move) got taken out with surge.

Fuses are good, batteries were taken out for the E4, charged then taken in to load test each one then put back in.

Tech question; How can I test these parts?

Where can I get a quote for replacements for INS. They will cover all parts and maybe some labor.

BTW, it was a lightening strike, we lost all out applainces, several smaller items HVAC etc… It was not a surge from or on the GEM.

Crap: I do t know where you should start.but here go’s

  1. Check all your battery’s
  2. You should have 72 volts at the main contact or the controller. If you don’t have 72 volts you need new battery’s.
  3. If you have 72 volts at the controller.
    I would check all the fuses. Including the 250v fuse at the main comtact