New issue I havent seen

Took my E4 out yesterday. Unplugged it, turned on the key and showed 100% full charge. Drove about 1 mile stopped to chat with a buddy and shut off the GEM, still showing 100% full. 15-20 min later turned on the key and it was showing 1 red bar and flashing 1 red bar-full charge repeatedly. The flashing continued all the way home, glad I made it. Left it off charger in case it was hot for a few hours. Last night still did same thing when key was turned on. Put it on charger over night and and it is still doing it this morning.

Not sure if its a battery issue or what.

Any ideas? I will check all connections today.

Connections are all tight, Still doing it.

Blinking from 1 red bar to full charge, 1 red bar full charge…over and over fairley quickly.

Any ideas???I am lost.

Type of batteries, and if you changed them to gels…

I’ve been informed it is a good idea to carry a extension cord, on trips, just for the his type of situation.

I do not think it is battery related. Possibly controller???

Have you tested your battery voltage when you car says full. And then tested your voltage when your car says empty?

Typically battery’s go bad 1 at a time. Example if one of you battery is bad it can drop voltage from 80volts to below 60v I’m just a few mins.

You want to test each battery’s voltage That will show you what battery (if this is the problem) is the bad one

the voltage gauge on the dash is blinking in about .5 second intervals. I will take each battery out and test individually. Thank for that tip. I have never seen anyone post abut this flashing, no error codes are showing up on the dash.

You should not have to take the batteries out, you should be able to just touch the positive and negative on each battery and get a volt reading, at least I can do it with my GEM.

I would not count on the stock BDI (Battey display indicator) as a true reflection of what’s going on. A volt meter will tell you the Exact voltage off each battery and that will tell you where you need to go from that point on.

You can leave all your battery’s connected. You simply check the voltage of each battery With a volt meter testing Red to pos and Black to neg. write down the voltage of each battery.

A load test is the true test of each battery but the voltage test may just show you what you need to know.

Most people report they fully charge the car and the BDI says 100% they unplug and drive a way and after only a few mins (from placing a load ) on the battery’s the week battery shows it’s ugly head and the BDI reads very low or turtle mode or -15. This is very common.

10/4, I will get on the batteries this weekend. The bilking thing threw me off. I have never seen it, nor have I seen a thread about this on th eforum… Totally new one for me.
If the batteries are dead, it will be time for the conversion.

Yes what you describe sounds to me like classic 1 or 2 dead battery’s in the chain. This exact scenario is what happend to my buddy he left the house with what he thought was a full charge. He got to the bottom of the hill to turn around and his battery display said -15 (out of juice) when we tested all the battery’s one was dead as a door nail.

Unhooked all batteries and tested individually.

All are at 13.02, 13.02, 13.05, 13.05, 13.05, 13.04…Hooked all back up, still flashing. No codes showing up. Think I will drive it around the block a few times to see if I get get it to die and test the batteries again. Otherwise i have to take them all out and run to Auto parts store to have them load tested.

Deka Dominator Gel batteries

It was on charger all night.

Any more thoughts???

No need to disconnect when testing.
You can easily load test yourself. Meter each under load.
A bad one will drop noticeable.

Ran for 30 min in our hills, all 6 are at 12.76.

Put a clip to my meter on pos and neg side of each battery after test drive. Held the brake and pushed throttle. each battery dropped to 12.03/12.06.

None of the 6 batteries deviated from 12.03-12.06

Now what??

Maybe start over. :slight_smile:What is the issue again?
As you ran for 30 minutes, seems good.
Is it only the soc indication that’s off?

I think what Dave is saying the BDI display can come out of calabration. You can RESET the state of charge display or “Re Calibrate” it.

Is the car going into limp or turtle mode?

On the dash, the gauge that indicates battery life 1 red 1 yellow and 5-6 green lights,
When all are lite it indicates totally full, lights go out progressively as batteries are used while driving.

Currently they all flash/blink 1 red then full then 1 red then full. This blinking happens rapidly full empty full empty, repeatedly. Tested all batteries as mentioned above.

Deka Dominator Gel batteries After charging a few hours they at 13.02, 13.02, 13.05, 13.05, 13.05, 13.04

After running a few miles… Ran for 30 min in our hills, all 6 are at 12.76.

Put a clip to my meter on pos and neg side of each battery after test drive. Held the brake and pushed throttle. each battery dropped to 12.03/12.06 none were much off of this 12.03/12.06 range.

Am I load testing this correctly? Is there another way to test load w/o taking them in and having them tested?

Car seems to run fine. Last night the blinking/flashing stopped briefly and showed the correct gauge as I would expect to see mostly full charge then it starting again.

But it ran fine and never lost power, stopped or did anything else weird.

Cycled it looking for codes, got one…

PO200 ???

Anyone know this one?

Pxx is one of the settings. See if you can reset the soc.

Turn the key on.
Push and release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch until it’s showing the
While holding the switch down, turn the RIGHT signal on, then the LEFT
signal, then return the blinker to the center.
Release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch. You should be seeing data (P0105) on
the display now.
Turn the RIGHT signal on, then off repeatedly until the display reads:
SOC (State Of Charge).
Push and release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch. Now it’s remaining capacity in
You can now raise (or lower, for that matter) the SOC with the blinker
When you’re happy, Push and release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch. The display
reads: DONE.
Turn the key off.
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So, so true… Also you may want to verify water in each cell. Yes, I know it’s basic but basic has caught me before… LOL

DEKA Dominator Gel batteries.