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Hello all! I just aquired a new to me 2005 E4. I am sure I will be cruising the posts and asking silly questions. My E4 came in a non running condition with 69 volts and nothing happening when I turn on the key - no noise,lights, clicks, display, …nothing. I,m trying to track down the issues …someone was here before me…not good … Can someone tell me if there is supposed to be any fuses in the 3 lower black “holders” on the fuse panel in the middle of the lower dash. The fuse board has a label GEM PSDM. I have seen where the left one is called out for 72 volts. There is nothing in the hole of this and may be my problem. I’ll keep ya posted as I progress.
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Check all your fuses i had same problem once parking brake fuse was blown mine was top left on 2011 e2.69 volts was that after charging?

69 volts was after charging each battery with manual charger, The delta q charger has a steady amber light and the top red light continually blinks. I suspect since nothing is happening when I turn on the key the charger is not getting the correct signal to start charging. I did find a missing fuse on the 12 volt converter - i put one in the holder on the unit. I am almost totally ignorant of these vehicles today but expect that to change soon. I’ll go check all the fuses. Thanks


Welcome. Suggest you spend acouple of hours and read all the poste in the GEM sub forum.

You may find your answer there.


Will do. I read the threads that seemed pertinent but I am sure there is more.
for what it is worth all fuses are good but none have voltage on them.Should any of the bottom 3 “holders” have fuses in them?

Email me. I have a service manual for your machine. It has an excellent trouble shooting tree,

UPDATE. I spent the last 36 hours educating myself ( with help from Bugman and Old Houseboater ) learning about my new to me E4. After repairing several broken/incorrect/missing ground screws on the PSDM circuit board and charging one very low battery, The last piece of the puzzle came when I found the 12 volt converter loosely plugged in. Re plugged this in and viola! The E4 lives! I still have many little items to repair as the previous owner obviously did not understand electricity. Now the search begins for tires. I am sure there is a lot of good info in these forums.
Thanks to all for the help…

Thank you for reporting back. The information gained helps those that follow.