$$ for Help please

Im at a Loss and would like to pay someone to help me troubleshoot my 2009 e4 electrical issue, I have experience with electric golf carts however this GEM i just aquired is another animal, Im almost to to point of ripping out the PSDM and wiring this car from scratch however i would like to have use of the LCD display etc…
Currently when i turn on the main breaker the battery level display lights up but thats about it, sometimes the buzzer that is attached to a 45 second delay will start beeping, IF put the e brake down another beep starts,
That all i know at this point, IF anyone is willing to spend an hour on the phone with me ill make it worth their wile

Thank you

Pm sent with my phone number. I may be able to help

When you enable power what if any lights turn on/off or stay on?
What does it show the battery charge is?
What do you have the drive switch set to, forward, neutral, or reverse? What are the other switches set to? Is parking brake engaged or disengaged? Any audio tones?

I would see if David was willing to work with you. I know he doesn’t like to talk on the phone. But perhaps if you sent him some Tacos or Scooby Snacks from Door-dash or Uber eats he would pick up the phone for you.

I think i may have a bad PSDM, I will be diggin in this weekend

When i turn on the main power the battery level display lights up but nothing else, When i turn on the key nothing happens. When i drop the ebrake i hear a small relay click and then beeping from the PSDM, I can turn off the key and the beeping continues until i raise the ebrake. As a test i applied +72 volts to pin 1 on the T4 controller press the gas pedal, the contractor closes and the motor starts, Forward and reverse switch works.

Thats where im at right now

Thank you

Do you have the schematic?

It all starts with 12v through the key and 72v through the charger.


Is “charge” icon on?

There is no charger installed,. And yes the Charge icon is on when the main switch is turned on

Where can i find a service manual ? 2009 e4 T4 controller Thr current manual i found doesnt appear to be the correct one

What you describe is “no charger” problem!

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Perhaps you have a car that has a charger with a Built in Dc/Dc converter. This gives you 12v. So if your car needs a DCI (that’s a delta q charger with built in dc to dc converter) and the charger is not installed you not gonna get a Display

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That’s correct. 2009 needs 12v and 72v from charger to run.

The charger not being installed doesn’t make sense, The DC to DC convertor is a separate part and it is working, I have 12volts at the PSDM J4, 72 volts at the Main lugs of the PSDM, The problem seems to be with the PSDM, im not getting 72 volts to pin 1 of the T4 controller

What does it mean when i hear beeping from the PSDM?

Thank you for the replies

It makes sense to me.

No 72v to PSDM from charger.

J1 pin j Dark green needs B+ from charger.

No talk on the phone? Must have some issues that need medical help.

email me rodneyadiehl@aol.com

I have most manuals