My GEM won't Start! Help!

Ran the batteries in my 2009 e6 almost all the way down last night. Car display was still lit. Hit the main power switch and pushed to location to charge. Plugged in car, and turned on Main switch and my display did not light up. Car charger was working, and I let charge 10 hours. Checked car and charger said it was 40% done. Checked each battery and all had a voltage close to 12.6. Tried to turn on car and nothing happens when turn key, display is dark. I checked the fuses in the fuse box, all good. Check voltage to under dash and it said 76 volts. What can it be??? I’m charging batteries one at a time, but I don’t think that is going to do anything since 76 volts was reaching the front. Any help please.

Is it still plugged In? Look at simple things first.
Plugging in and turning on main switch is backwards, but shouldn’t hurt anything.
Reset it by turning main off. If you havent.

Nope unplugged it and tried to start. Didn’t want to destroy my charger, so I started charging individually with car charger. Most batteries are at 13 volts, but still nothing. Screen is blank, no noises, car doesn’t move.

It won’t hurt charger using it.
Check for B+ 72v on green wire from charger.
Also 12v from dc to dc from charger.
I don’t know what color or where to check, but you need power to charger and 12v out.
Maybe check at fuses. 12v

Follow the trouble shooting tree in the GE T4 manual


I get lost at this part. One side of main contactor has 76 volts. Green and black wire has 0 volts when I turn key. The other wire connected to contactor has 0 volts. It kinda indicates that I need to change the controller, but I feel like it is the psdm. And, both are expensive.

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Charger is working. Nothing else is. Haven’t checked 72 to 12 converter.

What do you mean GE T4 manual?

GE T4 controller manual.

This is the controller your cart is equipped with.


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June 27What do you mean GE T4 manual?
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June 26Follow the trouble shooting tree in the GE T4 manual Rodney
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The relay that controls the lights, wipers, display is bad. Go to auto store and get a light/horn relay. 2 spade connectors that are smaller from old relay will nee to be cut and replaced. Old relay has 4 wires and is part of recall upgrade and may of been mounted in different places on right side of GEM car under the dash.