Need help with converting electric lawn tractor

I’m currently converting an old Murray lawn tractor to be completely electric. I can get the motor to run by hooking it directly up to the batteries, but I purchased a 36 volt golf cart solenoid and 3 amp diode, and a power switch. I can’t figure out how to wire the whole thing up. Can someone give me some assistance?

Some of these guys have done yard tractors in electric. Good group of people

Report your progress please.

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Thanks, but I’m sure it’s a simple fix, that some EV builders on here could help with. Just need to know how. Do I hook up my negative wire from the battery > power switch > negative lead to solenoid, and run the positive lead off the battery to the solenoid? DC motor > solenoid or > power switch?

Thanks for your wonderful help. You are the reason I joined this forum, for awesome advice from smart people. Thanks again!


It’s not as simple as that. Your asking someone to tell you how to wire a homebrew electric Lawn tractor.

By doing so. that someone then assumes liability for his instructions,your ability to follow them and the safety of the resultant product.

A IC lawn mower includes safety’s and interlocks that include: clutch interlock, seat interlock, mower interlock, reverse mow interlock etc. Usually all accomplished by limit switches in circuits to prevent unsafe operation. Since you have an electric motor you will also need something to prevent operation of the motor when the transmission is out of gear.(a free running motor will destroy itself)

You, as an individual, can do anything you want.

An on/off switch, a foot switch, and a solenoid will make it go but that’s not enough to make it a safe to use machine.

This is the reason you aren’t seeing people jumping in. Sorry


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Start a thread asking how to connect a battery to a motor with a solenoid.:wink:

Include link to motor type and solenoid.
Series motor? PM? Sepex?

Need to reverse motor?

Well I figured it out myself anyway…just completed the circuit. I wasn’t going to " sue" anyone over their answer. Isn’t this forum for sharing information about how to build EVs. I guess I signed up for the douche forum.

I think the Moderators are very overactive. Let the Forum take it’s course.

Thanks for sharing your tips.

Why do you want to convert it to be fully electric? Is it because of ecology, or for some other reasons? If it’s from an ecological perspective, then I totally support this decision. I am also using only electrical tools, because if we wanna make some changes in the climate, we should start with ourselves. I recently found this list of the best tools for cutting tall grass and it’s really helpful to mow all that grass from around my house. They are also electrical, because I don’t support other type of fuel.