Need Help on?

My car 2005 just got stuck in charging mode (plug in sign show on displace)
all the light are working . The car not move at all due to in plug in mode. The battery seems ok. The charging system also seems ok…

not sure what you mean ‘plug in mode’… if your car is plugged in (plug in car and in wall) it will not move… remove the cord from the car… if that is not the problem check each battery be sure that they are all chraged… got no more ideas


it show the electric plug sign on the screen( ic the car is charging but it not). you can not move the car into drive position

I don’t know… I have an 05 as well… on my charger I see two yellow lights on the charger and the plug on the BDI (dash screen)… the red… yellow and green bars… in a few hours the charger goes to yellow and green lights and the BDI has shut off…

I’m thinking your batteries must not have enough of a charge to take the charge from the onboard charger… you need to get a meter and check EACH battery to see what the charge reads… post the readings you get


I believe your interlock relay is stuck open. The relay is open when the charger is plugged in and closed when the AC power is unplugged. This is to prevent one from driving away with the cord attached. Unhook the charger and check continuity from the green wire to the red wire. You should have continuity if the AC cord is unplugged. If you do not have continuity, the red and green wires can be jumped together. This should bypass the relay. You must then remember to unplug before moving the GEM.