Charging 2010 E2

The charge light on instrument panel doesn’t come on. The charger top light blinks twice and next light down is on. No work has been done to the gem car

I need some help with this. Thanks

It looks like battery is full.

Thank you for your response.

I have a few questions:

  1. Does this car run?
  2. When you plug charger in does the car still run?
  3. Confirm → When plugged in the yellow icon does not appear?

Run the car around the block a few times then plug the charger in again. Observe that charger status panel again. Does it charge normally or still go to red2 flash?

Will check those things later today and report back. Thanks

  1. Car runs
  2. Car will move forward and reverse with charging cord plugged in.
  3. The charger icon doesn’t come on when cord is plugged in.
  4. I drove the car just over 2 miles at full speed 26 mph. It would slow to about 19 mph on hills. I plugged in the cord no charger icon. The only time I see the charger icon momentary is when I turn on the key or main breaker.

K- Interesting and a bit of conflicting info. I will circle back on that later.

  • In your hot lap/test did you burn any of your battery bars off?

  • How long have you had this car?

  • Was it like this when you bought it?

  • Is it possible there another charger in this car? (We will need to peek under the dash)

If any of the leds illuminate, the interlock relay should open, and thus connect the charger to battery. Same relay no/nc
It may be that relay is stuck.

Where is relay located?

Burned through 1 bar
2010 I bought it new
No the icon problem is new
Don’t know of an extra charger

Has there been any work done to the car lately?

I find it odd that the car does not seem to go into charge mode, yet the SOC (battery) display is still even close to being accurate. Also- when plugged in, the interlock should keep the car from driving away.

As a test, let’s go find the interlock wire. It will be under the front hood of the car. Look for a bundle of 4 wires coming out from the charger. There will be a Red, Black, White, and Green. They all splay out and go in different directions. You may find a bundle of indentical colored wires that stay together in a loom- Ignore those). Follow the Green and it should have a crimp .250 spade connector inline and connect to another green wire. This is your interlock wire. Disconnect that connector and look at your display. It should show the yellow plug icon on your dash.
Confirm - Y/N?

The charger is working and the dash charger icon is on. I left it charging.
I appreciate all the help I received.

??? This is an interesting turn. What changed?

I looked for those wires you said came from the charger. The ones I saw stayed together in a wire loom. So just by chance I undid the 3 wire cable from the charger port to the charger and plugged it together again. It started working. I’ll check on it this evening to see if it’s fully charged.

Key indicator I was actually looking for was that if that green wire was unplugged the car things it is getting ready for a charge.

But OK, since it is charging now, monitor it and watch for other signs that the matrix is glitching.

The problem seems to have come back. I’m wondering about a bad relay. Do you know where the relay is located?

The relay is buried fairly deep inside the charger. Replacing is not a job for the average user. Going after it may cause day drinking.

Go back to that plug you found on the charger cable. If it is the correct one, disconnecting it will light up the charge icon on the dash panel. Confirm(Y/N?)

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And whats wrong with that?

Not condoning it. It does help one get through the day.
But the side effect drives the need to seek out and send more material to the “What? No Wayyyy” Guy. The combination (while informative) does not make for a very productive day.

Will do the disconnect charger again later today. Thanks