North FT Myers FL. 2008 GEM e2. Green bars NOP

GEM 2008 e2, Centennial Limited Edition. Dash green bars disappeared and single red bar appeared. The car (slowly) moved into the garage. I checked all Jell under seat and 2 rear batteries. Two batteries were very low volts. I then bought and replaced all 6 with new Mighty Max Jell (Walmart) batteries. They now all read 13+ volts. 78 volts total.The Green bars in the dash board are not working. The speedometer and and other items are lighted and working. I looked at the charger and did not see any lights lit on it. I’ve been driving the cart for the last week here in my community (Del Tura) in S/W FL. It runs like a cat that stuck its butt in a can of turpentine! Any Suggestions…? I’m thinking the charger may not be working? When I plug the110 line in the front I used to get a little arc spark. Don’t get it now.

Your timeline and descriptions are a bit fuzzy. Oddly enough except for when describing the cat, which should be fuzzy.

You think it started from a set of dead batteries, but it is quite possible that this originated from a dead charger but you continued to drive the car until you exhausted your previous set of batteries.

Just to be clear-

  1. You looked at your charger display when the car was plugged in- (Y/N?).
  2. There were NO status lights visible on your charger?
  3. Verify → When plugged in, is there a yellow plug visible on your Dash Display? Also- When you KeyON does your car drive?
  4. You have been driving your car on your new batteries for a week and your batteries still measure 13+ volts each?
  5. Verify → The cord you are using to charge your car has power?
  6. Verify → The socket in your car where you plug it in is in good condition? (it has all 3 of the pins and no signs of overheating)
  7. Follow the cord from the backside where you plug it in(under hood) and it will loop around a bit and you will find another plug/junction up where it attaches to the charger. Disconnect, inspect, reconnect this plug.

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Thank you, Kindly for your response.
1… With charger plugged in. One light at bottom of charger is on. It appears to be Yellow.
2… One light is on charger (see above).
3… There is a Yellow plug disable on dash display when charger is plugged in. The car drives with Excellent power and speed.
4. I have Not checked the batteries voltage within the last week. Too measurable hot here in FL.
5… Charging cord has power.
6… Power cord socket in good condition.
7… As requested, I have disconnected & reconnoitered charger.

Have Not checked the fuses in lower dash panel. Will turn on the garage AC tonight… Check fuse?

PLEASE Excuse my spelling is for ■■■■ and spell check not working… Jerrry

No need to check fuses.

Being accurate in your descriptions is also key to getting responses that apply to your issue and get it resolved. I could spend a lot of time going down a path that does not apply.

With charger plugged in- Take note of that charger display again. I bet you see two yellow lights.

You noted one at the very bottom of the display. Since this charger is mounted upside-down, I am guessing it is at Stage 6 and charging Max Amps.

The other light will be up at the top. That is the AC Present and telling you it is plugged in.