I have a friend in FL who posted this in a group on FB… I think he probably has a battery in the pack that is not holding voltage or a lose wire, any other ideas???

Tom Brown

Hi, I have a problem hope someone can help?
2008 GEM E2,
last night with with 5 bars left, dash flashed a couple of times and went to red bar and turtle lite up but still had full speed. Drove home another 1 1/2 miles with no problem except still on red bar and turtle lite on. Charged overnight and this morning charger indicated full charge with steady green LED. Turned key on and dash was full green bars than dash went blank and came back on with red bar only no green or yellow bars. No turtle lite or wrench lite all normal except for red bar showing. Drove around for 1.3 miles and felt fine and accelerated normally to top speed. Battery cables seem tight and look OK. No code on dash last night or today.
Batteries are GEM GEL 2008 and have 7000 miles. Recently batteries have indicated 2.2 to 2.6 miles per bar. Is there a procedure to bring up trouble codes on dash? Or has anyone experienced this? Thanks

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Thanks GTMO… I’m not sure why Tom is seeing the red bar… no code

guess that car was being the car… or

Tom Brown I just got back from a 14 mile trip on a fresh charge and charger was solid green LED and full screen bars on outset and use first bar for 2.6 miles and went on to use another 4 bars for a total of 5 bars for the 14 miles. All seemed fine and acceleration was normal. Recharging now and will test voltage with meter after full charge and go through procedure bar by bar as indicated from your friend. Thank him for me and a big thanks to you.

Tom Brown 5 1/2 hours to full charge with solid green LED from 50% usage, measured voltage on four batteries under seat all read 13.7. Will do other two In morning too late now to get to rear two batteries. Turned off master main switch and will check all six tomorrow .

I also having this.

Check for loose or corroded battery cables. This has been a problem on our 2005. I believe it is a waste of money to change all six batteries just because one is worn out. Only a careful examination will reveal which batteries are bad. The accurate voltmeter is one method.