Cord still plugged in

2010 Gem unplugged the cord but the indicator shows still plugged in and car does not run acts like it is still plugged in. any ideas would help thanks

Problem with the charger interlock circuit

ok any quick fix ideas or do I have to send it in for service

Rodney has helped a few with same problem.

Last one, a green wire was disc. Under dash I think.

We have been trying to figure a bypass that will allow you to drive the car without damaging any thing for the past week. However that wont repair the problem and you will need professional help (most likely charger help).

This has come up several times. If you do get it repaired please give us the story when you get it repaired.

On older models you just had to jumper the interlock switch wires coming from the charger.

One of the members is supposed to make a 2010 electrical diagram available which should help us a bunch.


if it is correct 21 comes up big #