charger interlock on GEM

how do you defeat the charger interlock on a 2006 GEM with a Delta Q charger. Just unplugging the green wire doesn’t work. The cart thinks it’s still charging and wont move.

On a 2002 there are two wires, a green one and I think another green one, you just connect them together and it bypasses the charger.

Be careful not to connect green wire from charger to anything different. It is connected to B+ internally to supply power to the Gem run circuits.

To defeat it find another source of B+ and connect it thru a fuse to the wire green was originally connected.

@Inwo - are you sure it is B+? On the 2002 I think that it is 72V B-, at least for the Ziann(sp) charger.

Yes, new cars get B+ from the green wire from Charger.