My new toy, thanks Ernie!

We may find out now.

My plan is to take it to the max that the factory controller can do and then try one of Dave’s aftermarket controllers.

Ernie, it’s great and my kids love the attention. Parked it next to a Rolls Royce yesterday at the local market (you know which one) and everyone ignored the Rolls! They nick named it stormy as it looks like a storm trooper.

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Sorry, that name is taken. :slight_smile: @grantwest

Has anybody got their titles yet?

No, i emailed her and they said they were in the mail.

No paperwork yet here either.

Are these second or third GEMs for you guys?? LOL.

I’m a one GEM man. My wife would kill me if I brought home another one.

Good Luck on getting them done up. I can’t imagine they will be stock for very long.

Holy cow, 100 miles… I usually just use mine to get groceries

me too. But the grocery store is 50 miles away :rofl:

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papers came yesterday

It’s my second but will be selling my old one in the spring. Only drive a car here two or three days a week so that .03 cents a mile is saving me $$ :). Lucky almost everything is within a two-mile radius.

It’s here. doesn’t run so you know what I’m doing this weekend. did you guys get a charge cord? I didn’t and need one if someone has one. 2016+

No charge cord with mine. Are they different than a standard extension cord? That is what I just used to charge mine.
Got the title but no paperwork, Bill of sale, etc.

I have one… But use a regular charging cord. Double gfis we’re causing me issues. Can throw it in with the motor if I’m still sending

That 6.5kw would be nice for testing on my hills… wink wink

I have used a regular extension cord with no issues. I sent the title to Montana they didn’t ask for anything else.

You guys might be needing one of these pretty soon!

Sold my Gem today. Turned out great but I just didn’t need doors here. Ok @Erniea15 find me another E4 please! Really want to do a nice custom for myself.

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I’m always looking… good way to kill time on planes and when i can’t sleep :slight_smile: