It's here, it's here. 2018 e4 project

Well the grab bag Gem got delivered. Was told it ran but batteries were bad. Well it doesn’t even turn on so, let the games begin. Plugged it in and charger went in to fault mode. Batteries 11.5v ,some cells water below plates, charger doesn’t want to play. What do you do? … Call Dave! Quick coaching lesson, did some stuff and charger started charging. Letting it charge tonight and evaluate tomorrow. Never drove a new model Gem so hoping tomorrow I can drive it.


If the batteries are Leoch or Polaris they are likely originals. I check its VIN on Polaris website, it was equiped with standard battery pack. 5kw motor. You are going to like the suspension feel of the 2016+. They don’t “bang” over bumps. I saw that gem advertised on FB, it lasted about 2 days before being scarfed up. Good Deal. The next one goes to Dave LOL. Keep us informed about the Lithium upgrade, because I know its going to happen with Dave in the picture!

Wow looks great, I wouldn’t be surprised if the batteries are dead.
I’ve seen you’re asking for a 6.5kW motor. Is just for testing or you found out that the one it came is broken?

just for testing. The Idea is to see how much performance we can get out of stock Gem components. Will test both 5kw and 6.5kw motors. Also want to test some different lithium setups. Goal today is to get it running with the lead batteries and document performance. And order some custom wheels, stocks ones look like hell.


Upgrade harness kit and programming dongle shipped today.
Did you get the link to sw that I forwarded?

I’ve shipped the controller yesterday

Thanks guys, looking forward to this. I thought I has happy with acceleration on the new Gem. Just drove my classic Gem for the first time in a while. Now I hate acceleration of new Gem and top speed, its just not even close. Dave got link