My new toy, thanks Ernie!

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100 mile lithium battery, high performance tune, custom wheels.


On the way or delivered?

on the way 1,500. using Eric.

Where is he going after fl? Possible sdi22 to tallahassee

Mine is inbound as well !! Should be here late this weekend

You guys spare no expense hauling Gems with custom trailering. I usually go low budget with car transport trucks. Ends up being a hassle unloading when they are non operational. I have to get a local tow truck to drag it off the transporter. Both your gems are sweet!!
We should make a separate link with a list of Gem transport people and their routes who have proven relability in case anyone on forum needs transport. Sounds like a job for assyRequired??


Are you gonna keep that one?

Big battery , high-performance tune, flat gray

Won’t keep it. I want a flat grey one. Hard to find

I heard there was a guy in norcal bay area that is good at wrapping gems.

Fake news?

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Our gem transporter (at least two of us) was awesome! Not cheap but awesome. I will take some pictures of mine this weekend now that the work week is over. Any ideas on accessories or custom mats (template) or anything for the 2018 Gem E4? I am good at wasting money. I am still thinkg about batteries, but it sure performs well in Cardiff area, and we have hills. I have the custom matt template from Ernie for older models.

Mine is here!
I have never hated the way a car drives more… I went around the block and I am going to start gutting it tomorrow… LOL
The car is in great shape, just can’t deal with 25mph MAX and 10mph on hills. no acceleration.
I did not realize how spoiled I was… haha

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Time to install those lithium’s in,

Mikekc, same thing I thought when I got my first 2018. Drove it for a few days and then parked it. Couldn’t handle how slugish it was and 25mph top speed. surprised I didn’t drive it in to the bay. After I did @djgabriel2004 sped mod, then added lithium and a performance tune. Then I started loving it. I wouldn’t drive one if I had to keep it stock.

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Oh yeah 25 sucks, 5kW motor, right?

Hope they’re what you guys were expecting! Just some weather stripping to fix but they seemed like they were in good shape. I’m kind of jealous!

Good platforms to make into sweet rides. So many good options now for performance without doing the full high voltage swap.

Expecting pics online to follow your projects :slight_smile:

Credit where credits due… Bought my classic mats used from @grantwest and plasdeck gave me his template

Yup… 5kw… I’ll tell you, @MikeKC and I ran one in a high voltage conversion and that motor pushed well…surprisingly well… I’d be curious how hard we could push one of these little motors

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