Greetings from the Great Pacific Northwest!

Brand new member of the group, a semi-retired casting director recently transplanted from Southern California to Grants Pass, OR.

My cars:

2010 GEM E2 in Emerald Green metallic, 4175 miles.
2014 BMW i3
2012 Mercedes SLK 350
1962 Ford F-250 Pickup
2004 Harley Davidson Deuce

I’d LOVE to hear more from fellow GEM owners. A few things I need help with (I hope this forum will shed some light for me):

Increase speed to 35mph.
Find and install a short bed.
Install a USB port.

I LOVE my GEM,m I love the freedom it affiords me. I use it to run errands, to attend special events (because I can finally find parking!), and to make my irrigation run (an open/shut 4-gate tour to water my property).

I’m selling or trading the golf club rack in excellent condition.

Other than that, I’m happy to be here and hope to connect with others soon!

Hi and welcome!

I’m new here too and everyone is really helpful. I’ve found a ton of information for my 2005 GEM E2.
I just finished a lithium conversion and it has helped tremendously with weight and speed. My GEM also came with the 7.5 HP motor so I’m hitting 36 mph on the flats. I would highly recommend getting those batteries from @Inwo. I think @LithiumGods might have them too.

Here’s my conversion thread: 2005 GEM E2 Lithium Conversion
I followed @LithiumGods’s thread for help with my conversion: Gem Lithium conversion v3.1 . Drop in?

Just search around on here. There is lot’s of info.