My hybrid Gem

I have had my Gem Car for a couple of years, to use as a local commuter. but after a month i couldn’t leave well enough aloan. So i bought a Ride 4 Fun motor for it, just because the top speed was a mear 25mph… Well that helped to bring the speed up to around 35mph tops. but it did a number on my battery life, knocking it down in 1/2 to about 15 miles per charge…

Sooo I come up with a plan, Why not stick a gas engine on it to help with the battery life & get me some more speed!.. so i have been looking for a way to do just that, when i stumbled on a old 3 wheel trike on C/L…Well that got the gears turning on how i could use the back end of this on my Gem… well a grinder a welder and a few months later and this is what i came up with!.. the power plant at first was a predator 212cc, but that was just not doing it so yesterday i went and bought a predator 420cc Engine…

Not only does it give plenty of power, but it also has electric start so no more pull starting!:thumbsup: took it for it’s first test run this morning and this thing works great!..the electric engine works the reverse and slow speed, but give it a little more pedal and the 420cc gas engine kicks in pushing it up to 40+ mph, and charges the batteries as well…

The only problem now is the electric motor is governed at 40 tops, so if i try and push it above that speed, the electric motor will brake its self to slow down… I also need to hook up the gas engine key & starter switch to the cab and figure out if i can use one of the six 12 volt batteries as power for the gas engine starter… or use a lawn battery…but this is it… maybe the first Hybrid golf cart!..:shrug:

too neat… thanks for sharing

This is an interesting setup. What are you using for rear brakes? With a water cooled engine, you could even have heat.


[QUOTE=wmgrd;11975]To get more speed from the Electric Motor as the 40mph is limited. You can change the gears to the front Transaxle so the motor will turn all slower RPM’s and you will be able to go faster with the gas engine and not redline the electric motor.[/QUOTE]

Yep going to try some 16" Wheels Update as soon as i get it done.

[QUOTE=GEMmechanic;11983]This is an interesting setup. What are you using for rear brakes? With a water cooled engine, you could even have heat.


It has duel band brakes in the rear hooked up to the parking lever. I’m in Arizona so Heat is the last thing i want in it! A/C would be nice though…:rolleyes:

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