Miles/Hours Evaluation

I know how to evaluate mileage on a car to figure out comfort zone as well as life expetancy etc. But with these Gem cars i have no idea…Any thoughts…

My 2002 shows about 1200 miles and 57 hours. Would that be considered babied, moderate, or extreme use? Can anyone provide some insight?


I would call that light use for being a 20 year old car. Considering how easy it is to swap driveline components it shouldn’t really be the only factor when estimating remaining life of the car.

Also, it is super easy to swap controllers and even get in and edit the odometer and lose a couple thousand miles.

A better judge would be overall condition of the car. What do the paint and seats look like? Was the car taken care of? Or was it abused like the General Lee in a field by a bunch of teenagers?

agreed, i just wanted a idea about the miles/hours issue. I think those are original miles, as i also think it sat neglected outside. The seats are trashed and are on my next to-do are we are lined up in an uplosters schedule in a month or so hopefully. Ordered and looked at the NEV Accessories cover but in my opinion its junk for many reasons.

Also, the tires were pretty sad and rotten. Already upgraded those and the wheels as by my previous posts too.

Motor seems strong so far as it did smell a bit when first using it on a few trips but that went away. Again, i am sure it was due to it sitting for so long.

Of course the batteries were old and needed new ones which we did as well. The ones in it were not correct nor deep cycle. Someone when cheap which is another reason i dont think any other mods were done to it, like the controller or odometer.

Paint and clear coat were junk again from being outside a long time. It appears it has been driven hard a bit as the hood was the wrong year, as my previous posts, and it had some fiberglass patching on the right fender. Bad bondo job on front too. So possibly hit twice since the hood was wrong. I stripped it as best as i could and sanded…then rattle canned it and cleared a few coats. Nothing fancy just wanted the same color. Lots of bugs and dirt in it as the wind picked up on my last few coats. Again not worth a better paint job at this point.

Fun project overall…