Guage Questions

So now that my GEM is finally operation, I had a few questions on the readout on the guage.

After charging it reads 100 and then gradually drops down. I assume that is the battery charge. The second number that flashes after the key is turned off is the odometer? It reads 213. When I first checked it, before hauling it down for the recall it read 212, they drove it around the lot a little after they got it completed. I was told it didn’t have that many miles on it.

So if that’s the correct mileage it’s been on a trailer far more than it’s been on the road itself. It was hauled from California to NE Kansas, then I hauled it another 2.5 hours home. Then 2.5 hours to the repair shop and back. So I think over 2200 miles on a trailer not including when it was originally shipped. Might be awhile before I get that many miles on it.

Finally got the lights squared away on my bed. I had them mixed at the lights, it was fine on the power side from car. So ready to get it inspected on Tues and tagged. I installed aftermarket headlamps but found they’re way too bright. I’m going to try a dimmer switch and see if that will work. Don’t want to get a ticket as it’s for in town use and on road.

The charge indicator seems to drop rather quickly just sitting. Just using marine batteries, not premium. They are brand new. Seems to go from 100,95,85 pretty quick just sitting. Maybe it isn’t that acurate on capacity readout.