MEGA new batteries no power

Hello, I have a 2013 MEGA and just replaced all 8 batteries and charged them overnight. I turned the key and it seemed to work fine, went forward and backwards a couple feet. One hour later, I went to use it and when I turned the key on the dash lit up for a second and then went blank- now I get no power to dash,no headlights, no turn signals and doesn’t move. I get nothing.
I hear a click when the key is turned but that’s it. The click is coming from the 48v relay switch that is next to the solenoid>
Does anyone have a suggestion?
Thank you I appreciate it.

Is the charger still plugged in?
Did charger finish cycle?
Check battery connections and voltage.

Hi Inwo, I have checked connections over and over… the charger did finish and the LED was solid green. I unplugged it.
I did notice a “battery” smell… could that have anything to do with it?

I have also wiggled all the wires I can reach. Stll nothingd

Remove and clean ALL battery connections including terminations at controller and B+ connection post.

Possibly, one connected backwards.

thanks onld H, Ill do that
ok INwo Ill check again…

I just did it here and ruined a cell. That’s why I thought of it.
Must be something simple if it worked before. :slight_smile: