So i purchase two (2) more gems bth were dead batteries so i replace all 6 on each car one running but the other one only turns on the dash mileage then turns off no solenoid click so i replaced all of the other componets (1) one at a time to see and it does have new dc to dc when i took each peace out of this i put into the car that works it would work great ???

I’m guessing your car is a 2001-2003 With a zivan charger. My first guess is your Inner lock is not hooked up or not working. Its a Green & Red wire and a solid Green wire that connect to the charger. Connect the both of them together to override the inner lock and report back

These are the 2 wires I’m taking about

Sorry was very busy with work and other problems i actually already did that still double checked no key on turn master switch on lights u mileage and then turn of turn key on no nothing have checked at all points for voltage got 72 volts got a diff dc to dc still nothing damm demons

Start at the top of the tree in the trouble shooting section of the controller manual.Dont skip any steps.


Ok will do thanks