Gem lee

I have a question or two i recently replaced a zivan charger that was replaced was org a schotts with a quick charger which is working great and i jumped the red to green wire and all lights and everything works take it for a drive and get code 41 now when i first got it the person who i got it from said it was plug in next to a ref/freezer combo and the charge stop could it have burnt the controller

I doubt anything with charger could damage control.
Does it run again when it cools off?

Actually it keeps running just shows 41 now and then but i tried turn switch and put into n on dash turned switch back on i guest a cold hard start ??? Looks like maybe reset ??drove it down to about 60 and now i am charging it again did it reset the controller ACTUALLY TURNED OFF MAIN SWITCH NOT KEY SWITCH

Yes, power off resets codes.
41 is over temp.

“Shorted thermal protector (TP) or
transistor over temperature”

so am i looking for controller problem or to low off air press in over size tires brakes dragging ???

also when i replaced the charger i ws told to connect the red to green wire which was plug into zivan and then i put the neg to controller neg and red to fuse side hot that shoulnt do this ???